About ANidea

If the internet were a machine, what would it sound like?

Would it be the gentle mechanical hum of a well engineered car? Or the 60 Hz drone of an electric light bulb?  Perhaps it would run whisper quiet, a testament to the brilliance of its engineering.

We believe it would sound a lot like the cacophony of a busy coffeehouse, where caffeine-fueled ideas, ambition, and conversation mix to form a soundtrack of ingenuity. This was the soundtrack that inspired some of humanity’s greatest thinkers: Isaac Newton, John Locke, David Hume, Adam Smith, and more. The products of  this great “primordial ooze” of conversation-fueled ideation redefined how we understand the world and ushered the modern era of science, business, philosophy, politics, and news.

The internet is today’s Enlightenment-era coffeehouse, where the greatest minds of our time gather to debate the mysteries and controversies of our day. As an agency, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of the internet for 14 years: developing robust new platforms, exploring and defining the dynamics of the social web, and explaining to our clients what it means to think digital and be digital. Our focus has always been delivering against a great strategy… one that begins with the consumer, delivers against client objectives, and provides a highly usable and enjoyable user experience.

But after 14 years, we thought it was time we joined the conversation, to share some of these ideas and spark some candid discussions. Because the internet doesn’t run on graphics, web pages, .net frameworks, or rich media banner ads. The internet runs on the power of human beings connecting, sharing, debating and interacting with each other.

This is what ANidea is all about. So pull up a chair and come share some ideas with us.

(We’ll make coffee.)


TEN is a modern marketing agency with Digital DNA. The agency specializes in strategic digital and social experiences with core expertise in Mobile, Dynamic HTML, Flash, video, platform and application development, and consumer / brand strategy.

Advertising Age dubbed TEN ‘One of the Hottest Digital Agencies Around’ and the agency’s’ CEO has testified before the U.S. House of Representatives as an expert witness on the state of the Digital ecosystem. Their work has been the recipient of over 125 high-profile awards including an Interactive Emmy, FWA Top 20 agency sites in history, Cannes Cyber Lion, South by Southwest’s Best in Show, as well as The Webby.  Notable clients include some of the world’s finest brands including Bacardi, Ruby Tuesday, Grey Goose, NBC-U, Pepsi, Time Warner, HBO, Warner Bros, and Atlantic Records.