Creative Copywriter

If you’re a connoisseur of words but find the term “copywriter” somewhat offensive, then keep reading. We’re looking for someone who exceeds the term and stereotype; some might even say you’re a visual text illustrator – a person who uses words as a conduit for big picture ideas. You’re quick on your feet, optimistic and have a true passion for the entire creative process. We’re digital at our core, so it only makes sense that you also believe in the power of digital media.

We won’t just take you ‘at your words’ either; we want a true creative at heart. Certainly, your exceptional ability to paint pictures with words shouldn’t mean that your craft stops there. We want someone who can come up with brilliant concepts too.

A day in the life of the Copywriter:

  • Digital Copywriting: The space is crowded. We need someone who knows how make a splash, whether that’s through a website, mobile site, SEO, or a tactical campaign. Whatever the platform, it should be strategic, stylish, and executed with fresh copy that represents our clients.
  • Advertising/Marketing Copywriting: Easily and quickly understanding a clients messaging, tone and brand is key. Taking a brand to the next level through the use of words, however, is pure talent.  While we opt for engagement over interruptive advertising every chance we get, capturing a brand’s essence with smart, compelling, and direct copy will continue to be a necessity.
  • Content Strategy: Using the right content can truly determine just how far a campaign can go.  As a lover of words, you should already understand the importance of content, but also know how to identify, structure and strategically implement content that tells a story. Understanding our clients just as much as you understand words is critical for success.
  • Search Engine Optimization: We don’t want our clients to get lost in the shuffle, and it’s your job to help them stay on top. You’ll work with clients, Account Managers, Project Managers and Strategists to develop strategies that increase the quality and volume of traffic to enhance their overall digital presence. 
  • Instructional Copy: What seems like the simplest and most mundane form of copywriting can also be the most important, and ultimately make or break a user’s experience. Done correctly with the user in mind, instructional copy can make a world of difference. It can elevate an application, website or game beyond expectations to deliver a fulfilled engagement.
  • Social Chatter: Finding ways to interact with people using social media will also be one of your many talents. Twitter, blogs and the like require a different approach when it comes to copy. You must be able to interact and engage with people based on two-way writing.
  • Creative Collaboration: Working cohesively with the creative team, you’ll participate in brainstorms, concept ideations, and collaborate on overall campaign ideas.  Your love for words will help you envision creative ways to leverage digital ideas and technologies that contribute to standout campaigns.
  • Promotional Materials: Developing our projects and campaigns is only the first step. You’ll use your skills of language to develop video scripts, case studies, and press materials to show users the strategy, development, and success behind each project bringing more eyes to our work.

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