2010 Halloween Party

ANET_Head Chop
This past Saturday we partied the night away at our 5th annual Halloween Party.

Some companies throw big holiday parties, but we’re all about All Hallows Eve. A night where outlandish costumes and decor have no limits. We had almost the whole gang in town from our NYC and LA offices and gathered them at our new office space on the Fort Lauderdale Intracoastal. Before all the new furnishings and small construction takes place, we wanted to give the place a proper inauguration by partying the night away for our agency’s favorite holiday.

Check out our Flickr gallery for the highlights of the night. Some of our favorites include:

  • Our Director of Technology, Matias and his wife, Eli dressed as super-sized Lego soccer player and referee.
  • Senior Designer Melanie Hunt and fiancè, Scott as Butterfly and Butterfly catcher.
  • Account Manager, Lauren Nutt as Mrs. Doubtfire with hairy legs and pot burns (check out how it happened).
  • Our CEO’s wife, Lauren as HitGirl
  • QA Manager, Tracy Cristal took authenticity of costume very seriously this year. She and Stephen gathered real petrified bones and weaponry to recreate 18th century witch and witch hunter.

Did you love one of our costumes? Did you have a great costume this year? Send it through in the comments below!