25 Informative Cancer-Related Infographics

Cancer is a dirty word but these stunning cancer-related infographics shed some light on a global killer.

Earlier this year, my mom was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. It’s the same kind that took Patrick Swayze’s life and is one of the worst types of cancers.  Chances are, you too know someone who has battled some kind of cancer.  Because this hit so close to home, I’ve spent a lot of time reading about cancer and I came across a lot of stunning visuals.

Below is a collection of some of the most interesting cancer-related infographics I found.

1. The Types of Cancer

by: Michael Babwahsingh

2. The World’s Progress on Breast Cancer

by Good Magazine

3.  Prostate Cancer Infographic

by: Mike with Art
by: Mike with Art

4. Cancer by Age (2003 data)

Michael Babwahsingh
by: Michael Babwahsingh

5. Chaos Inside a Cancer Cell

by: NY Times

6. The Dark Side of Indoor Tanning

by: EHM

7. Cancer Global Killer

by: EHM

8. Cancer Protection

for: The San Diego Union-Tribune
for: The San Diego Union-Tribune

9. What is Cancer? (3D Animation Infographic)

10. Radiation from Phones

*This has not yet been proven to cause cancer, however it has been a big topic of debate as to the possible side effects.

by: EHM

11. Leukemia Rates by State (*2006)

by: The CDC

12. Height & Disease Risk

by: Science News
by: Science News

13.  Cancer: The Good News

The Independant
For: The Independant

14. Leading Cause of Cancer Deaths (2007)

by: Juice Analytics
by: Juice Analytics

15. How Safe is the HPV Vaccine?

hpv vaccine

For: Information is Beautiful

16. Smoking Bans Around the World


by: EHM

17.  Facts About Smoking

Facts About Smoking

Facts About Smoking

18. Testicular Exam Chart


by: I Heart Guts

19. Heal – Breast Cancer Video

20. Breast Cancer UK Animation

21. The Risk of Brain Tumors

by: The Independent

by: The Independent

22. Tumor Pathways


for: Scientific American

23. Interactive Chart: Risk of Death


for: Wired Magazine

24. Radiation Infographic


Davvi Chrzastek

25. Breast Cancer Animation

By: Sara Culmann