Halloween Photo Manipulation: Series 1

What do you get when you mix some awesome portraits, Photoshop fun, and Halloween inspiration together?

You get some pretty funny and spooky results!

Inspired by Halloween and the AgencyNet portraits taken by our talented photographer and designer, Augi Sanchez, I decided to have a little Photoshop fun and turn some friendly AgencyNet faces into something a little more creepy.

This will be part one in a series of posts as I hope to transform everyone in the AgencyNet family into something fun for Halloween. Below you will see the before and after shots showcasing some exciting photo manipulation techniques. Enjoy!

So, to everyone in our Ft. Lauderdale and New York offices, the west coast is waving a big hello! Muhahaha! *evil grin*

1. Garett Bugda

Garett is our Creative Director and I figured he would make the perfect Creature from the Black Lagoon. [View Full Size]
Garett Orginal


2. Lindsay Knowles

Lindsay is our head of Corporate Communications and is a huge Twilight fan. So in tribute to her adoration for Robert Pattinson, I made Lindsay a vampire too.  [View Full Size]



3. Chris Fullman

In addition to his developer duties on both the mobile and web platforms, Chris is affectionately known as our ERT, or Emergency Response Technician, but officially he is just plain awesome. [View Full Size]



4. David Brown

David Brown is as nice as they come. He’s our mobile specialist and well respected Flash guru. I thought he would make a perfect cyborg, albeit a very friendly one. [View Full Size]



If you enjoyed this bit of Halloween fun, check back  for more in this spooky series next week!