Triangles in Design

Triangles are making a big impact in the world of design.

Everywhere you look these days, designers are embracing this simple shape with energetic executions.  By definition, a triangle is a simple shape with three sides and three points which exudes strength, movement and the future.


The triangle is the only geometric shape that cannot be deformed making it one of the strongest shapes in architecture.  For the perfect example of strength, look to the pyramids at Giza. These were some of the most massive pyramids ever built where the outer walls are comprised of triangles. These mind-blowing structures show just how powerful the ancient Egyptian culture was.


Triangles are the base structures for arrows. Triangles can make for incredibly powerful compositions because they force the viewers focus. No matter how you look at a triangle, it points to something.


Triangles are often used in futuristic design evoking modernism and clean-cut edges. We often associate triangles with advanced technology. Just think of the stealth fighter jet with its sleek lines and pointy edges.

So with all this talk about triangles let’s look at what designers are doing today with the triangle trend.

1. Michal Sycz / Noeeko

Michal is a freelance digital artist based in Cracow, Poland. Much of Michal’s work features angular lines blended with organic elements. In his more recent works you can see a few examples that use the triangle as a main piece of the composition.

slashTHREE / Order vs Chaos

"War Brings Chaos"

Nuclear War

"Nuclear War"

2. Todd Alan Breland

Todd is a freelance illustrator/designer in New York City and has a pretty diverse roster of clientele he’s done work for. A personal study he created called “x & y” features some rather exciting geometric shapes with the triangle making a point in several of the design elements. You can download X and Y as iPhone wallpapers at Poogla.


Y of "X & Y"

3. Earph Exhibitions

Earph Exhibitions is the creative outlet for an independent Web designer located in Austin, Texas. Several of his works feature triangles as the main component.





4. Damon Soule

Much of Damon Soule’s work leverages triangular shapes, not as a featured object, but to create volume within his fantastic environments and characters.

Cavernous Candy Factory

"Cavernous Candy Factory"

Run Flowers

"Run Flowers"

5. Douglas Menezes

Douglas was born in Brazil but is currently living and working in Dubai. His personal website recently made the rounds on some CSS galleries and utilizes triangles as a main component of the header design.  The simple yet angular forms allow his blog to stand out from others.

6. MWM Graphics

Matt W. Moore is the founder of MWM Graphics, a Design and Illustration studio based in Portland, Maine USA. Matt works across disciplines, from colorful digital illustrations drawn in his signature “Vectorfunk” style, to freeform watercolor paintings, and massive aerosol murals. MWM exhibits his artwork in galleries all around the world.

VectorFunk 2008 - Sacred Geometry

VectorFunk 2008 - "Sacred Geometry"

VectorFunk 2008 -

VectorFunk 2008 - "Navigate The Cosmos"

7. Chrissie Abbott

Chrissie lives and works in Hackney, East London. Several of Chrissie’s pieces involve geometric shapes and the work she did for “Little Boots” caught  my attention for this post, and then I realized she had also done an eye-catching cover for Computer Arts Magazine which also utilizes triangles as a main design element.

Little Boots

Little Boots

Computer Arts Magainze Cover - #162

Computer Arts Magainze Cover - #162

8. Amrei Hofstätter

Ameri’s work features Origami style illustration.  The folded paper motif naturally lends itself to triangular shapes. Ameri is a freelancer located in Berlin, Germany.

The Promised Place

"The Promised Place"



9. City of Melbourne

A recent branding project for the city of Melbourne show how triangles become a major componant of the brand and us used not only in variations of the logo but throughout the whole campaign.

City of Melbourne

City of Melbourne

And finally, just for fun… check out the love-growth-cash triangle.  All in all, you cam see how the triangle is a powerful and commanding shape.  Next time you get a chance, give the triangle a whirl in your designs.