Wallpaper: Choppa Rescue

Our Capabilities section is a testament to the almost endless variety of talent within our Agency.

The section is responsible for communicating AgencyNet’s core service offerings. Each slide, designed by one of our talented designers, illustrates our twelve core capabilities with abstract, surreal, or literal visual representations.  Creating visually arresting designs is a common assignment here, but this particular challenge was ambitious, even by our standards. It was our mission to design every slide such that the services could be understood without reading a single word of copy.

In my next few posts, I’ll pull apart a few of the designs I created for this section. The first one “SEO & SEM, is one of the most essential components the industry today. No matter the quality of any given web project or application, without properly executed SEO & SEM, it can become lost in the vast sea of digital content.

My challenge was to creatively and visually stress the necessity of this service. I wanted the viewer to feel the emotion of being stranded in a rolling sea of confusion and the relief of eventually being discovered — the metaphorical result of well executed SEO & SEM.

Being from the Bahamas, I’m what you call an “Island Baby,” I’ve had my share of moments when I was stranded for a nail-biting length of time on the open sea. Fortunately, a solution or vessel always came to the rescue right in the nick of time. Drawing a parallel from my own experiences, I gave the “SEO & SEM” text subtle life-like characteristics by placing it partially submerged and floating by a buoy.  The letters represent a floundering project, saved from disappearing into a vast, deep blue ocean (or cyber wasteland).