Wallpaper: Breaking Ground

A ground breaking ceremony is usually reserved for projects of great size and complexity – a building or a bridge.

And yet, as I thought more and more about the project we were undertaking with the re-launch of our blog, the ceremony seemed oddly fitting.

This wallpaper is my ground breaking ceremony, the explosive release of our ideas. I imagined this energy as rain of broken ‘shards’.

The large and small shards were created in 3D. I started by attaching particle instances to spheres. Then using dynamics, some negative gravity and volumetric light (for atmosphere), I wound up with the basis of my design. Still, something was missing… MORE SHARDS! But this time smaller ones, pieces of the pieces that broke off during this cataclysmic event. Energy feeding energy, ideas feeding ideas.

Color correction, levels & other details such as the shadowing were done in post using PSCS4.