Wallpaper: Chinese Umbrellas

I’d be lying if I said that I had a clear goal in mind when I started this wallpaper.

Although most of my wallpapers turn out a lot different than I expect them to, this one was truly a Frankenstein of sorts. I created the little bubbles, or “fish scales”, as I had originally called them, in Illustrator some months ago.  I didn’t know exactly where or how I was going to use them. The same went for the grungy texture that runs through the design. That was also something I put together a while ago, but had no immediate use for it. Lightning finally struck (that “ah-hah!” moment) when I had several of these half-begun comps open in Photoshop. I combined several of the pieces together (while discarding some) and voila! A wallpaper that reminds me of the tops of several Chinese umbrellas, the perfect reflection of the rainy day it was created on!