Wallpaper: Full Moon

Halloween: A night of terror celebrated worldwide.

For many, it is also a night to let loose and explore their personal creativity. This creative energy fuels some unbelievable costumes, amazing parties, and usually some pretty unique libations to go with.

Almost everyone has something that scares the living crap out of them. One of my fears happens to be being lost in an ominous forest teaming with unknown creatures and… maybe even worse… undead MySpace pages!

This fear is what inspired me to create this “spook-tacular” Halloween wallpaper.

It depicts a night filled with fear and mystery. Bats fly; blood in their eyes, hungry for more. The underbrush is almost alive as it stretches out along the forest floor, slowly engulfing everything around it. The moon seems to grow brighter as the night grows longer, playing a game of cat and mouse with the ghostly clouds that loom ominously above. Without warning, the moon disappears, leaving you vulnerable, surrounded by darkness and an abrupt silence— “What the hell just touched me!?”

As you poke your head through the nearby brush you see nothing but mountains and a lone castle. You wonder who or what’s inside…is that a scream? The fear overwhelms you; your legs cease to move any further. Sweat beads across your fevered brow and your shaking is only making those lurking creatures more and more curious.

As the snarls, growls, and devilish chuckles inch ever closer, you panic, scrambling towards the castle. As you approach, you glance back, revealing a slew of blood shot eyes eager to pounce. Frantically, you bang on the castle doors for any sign of help, but no one’s there.  Soon you feel the hot moisture of breath on the back of your neck, the slowly curling stench of death wafting from behind you. As you turn around, you suddenly black out… minutes later you find yourself in your room trembling with this story written in front of you…only to realize it was just “AN idea”…… Muhahahaahaahahahaahaa.

Happy Halloween everyone!