Wallpaper: Less is More

Sometimes you just have to let go and see what happens.

As a technologist, most of the work I do is carefully planned.  I make sure that every project and code library is carefully mapped out in advance of build.  That way, should a project grow in scope, the code base can accommodate the additional features.

So when the opportunity to create a calendar design came up, my first inclination was plan an elaborate scene.

My first concept imagined each member of the AgencyNet Labs team as a Lego person, jumping from an airplane.  Each team member would have his face mapped and drawn onto one of the Lego people.  If I had half the skills any of our awesome designers have, I could have pulled it off. Instead, I ran into positioning, shadowing/lighting, and finessing issues. After a good while of wrestling with Photoshop, I decided to chuck my work into the trashcan and start fresh.

Then I looked out to my balcony for some inspiration and there it was: Christmas lights! I thought, hmmmm, this might be interesting. I grabbed my camera and set it to a super slow shutter speed and shook the camera across my balcony capturing the colorful Christmas lights. After a few tries I captured one or two that I liked.

In 20 minutes of less ambitious Photoshop, I had something I was happy with. I guess that sometimes even technologists have to let go and see what develops.