Wallpaper: Maintenance Is Paramount

Lack of maintenance could lead to bad leaks resulting in unwanted flooding and damage.

For my third installment in this series, I’d like to share my thoughts behind the AgencyNet.com Capabilities slide of On-Going Maintenance. As the web continues to evolve, even the most technically sound web applications will at some point become obsolete and broken if not properly maintained. In this fast-paced online world, it is imperative that you provide your audience with a constant flow of new and improved content and technical capabilities.

When I was younger I got a summer job working for a contractor maintaining a local hotel in the Bahamas. I found myself repairing a variety of items within the hotel, from doors to lamp fixtures. As time passed I realized that the most commonly requested repairs were plumbing and electrical maintenance. I say this to stress just how essential the maintenance of structure-related items is to keeping any system running smoothly.

With this in mind, I gathered images of pipes and constructed them intricately so that they were interwoven with the environment and formed the word “Maintenance”. Also there are hard-working guys located on the side that represent you and I, client and agency, working together.

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