Wallpaper: Swamp Love

Love can be found anywhere!

Whether it’s in a person, hobby, sport, nature or creative outlet, we have love for many different things in this world. Although February 14th is widely looked upon as a day for “lovers” I don’t necessarily think that’s the only kind of affection that can be celebrated on this day. Why not use it as a day to have a love affair or a “date” with your camera, a good book or even just a friend. These things in life are all just as important as loving another human being.

That being said, I’m lucky that I get to do what I LOVE every single day. Creating art in the form of digital medium, I get to have a connection with people almost daily. Someone, somewhere is going to surf by, click through or stumble upon something that I’ve put love into. Whether or not it resonates with that person aside, I’m still evoking an emotion that may not have been felt otherwise. That’s a cool concept.

Creating the Swamp Love blog theme was fun and quirky. I drew up images of the animals in Illustrator and brought them into their swampy world by way of Photoshop. If you love it, or even if you are just passing by, I’m pleased that you took the time to stop and make a connection.