Wallpaper: XOXO

XOXO Wallpaper
Love is never as simple as we make it out to be.

When we say “I love you,” we refer to a number of emotions ranging from affection to attachment, complicating an already over-complicated idea that remains the greatest artistic muse of all time.

For Valentine’s Day 2009, I’ve created a wallpaper that embodies the spirit of the holiday, but (hopefully) will have longevity beyond it. I wanted to capture the emotional chaos that ensues when love is present, to create a visual metaphor for the explosion of emotion we feel in our hearts when we find that someone special – a metaphor for passion, friendship and change.

I began with hugs and kisses, the timeless tokens of love. Often represented by a sequence of the letters X and O, the origins of the abbreviation is unknown, though, some theories suggest that the O could relate to the shape formed when two hands are crossed in a hug, forming a type of ‘O’. The ‘X’ may also refer to the pursing of the lips when kissing.

The final result was inspired by recent design trends that lean towards geometric shapes and bold colors.