Beauty Brands Can Learn From Online Retailers

Women looking for beauty information are one of the top five searches on Google and Youtube.

Which is why beauty brand Stila’s launch of BeautyTube – an online source of free make-up and beauty tutorials – should come as no surprise.  It’s a great way to connect with new and existing consumers. Also, in a sea of YouTube videos it’s a credible source that I’m more likely to gravitate towards than others.

Most importantly, Stila’s launch highlights a paradoxical fact – despite their legacy of e-commerce, building and managing a community of fans remains one of the biggest challenges for beauty brands.

And no one knows social management better than online retailers like Ideeli, Fab, Gilt City and the like. There’s more than one lesson to be learnt from these masters of social platforms:

1. Stay focused.

Gilt offers high-end luxury at bargain prices. offers designer goods at unusual value. Engaging on a narrow range of topics is not necessarily a bad thing – it hits home with a more avid fan base rather than a broad range of topics that interest no one.

2. Reward your fans.

Ideeli’s Flash Fridays are a huge hit on Twitter. Not only does this generate awareness and new fans, the high volume of engagement makes the brand more personal to its followers.

Brands like MAC and Aveda have already begun to engage their fans on a deeper level on Facebook. The key remains to create relevant content and leveraging it across multiple platforms.