Forget F-commerce… for now.

Seriously! Stop it right now!

With all the buzz surrounding F-commerce, one would think that brands would be crazy not to enter this space as a new sales channel. For some brands it makes sense, but for others, it does not. In my personal opinion, I think F-commerce is not worth jumping into.

F-commerce is, in my opinion, is not necessarily the best place to sell goods. Brand pages exist to foster a community, engage new fans and excite brand loyalists. F-commerce does not serve this purpose. These brand communities are great to use as a feedback loop for new product concepts and even sampling, but will purchasing ability take place? People tend to buy from retailers they trust: 82% of people tend to buy from a trusted retailer, and 33-50% of people buy from trusted online retailers.

Looking at this statistics shows that paying through Facebook, especially if they have to convert dollars into credits, is going to be a struggle. Will it work eventually? Sure, maybe, but the adoption curve could be crazy.

That being said, F-commerce does have a future, and a purpose. It would be a great place for brands to allow users to spend social reward points to redeem for new product samples or exclusive content. It should not cannibalize or detract from any of the other sales channels in which the brand.

Will my thoughts change as time goes on? Maybe, but for now, we are a ways out.