Invention of Tomorrow

“If you could travel to the future and bring back one invention of tomorrow, what would it be?”

A few of our great minds think alike. Three promised they would bring back “the cure for fatal illnesses, in particular Cancer and Aids”.  Two would like to ride Michael J. Fox style on a Hoverboard, while three would like to bring back some kind of personal flying machine like a jetpack.

Rachel would like to teleport, while G would like to stop time with a TimeStopper. Meanwhile, Ben H. would bring back a time machine. “Ooooh paradoxical,” he exclaims.

Some others…

  • A version of flash which would automatically create applications and sites by feeding it comps and pressing a “Generate Project” buttonRey
  • Grays Sports Almanac.James
  • A public transportation train that travels at lightspeed. No more traffic or commuting! –Melissa
  • The PS9 –Omar
  • A faster, cheaper way to travelMelanie
  • Personal Computer Implant, no need for a screen, or external interface. Wikipedia would become a repository you could access at anytime. You could also record POV videos in real time and access them later, like a memory. –Augi
  • When I go to the future, I will bring back the answer to this question. –Josh C.
  • If I went to the future, what makes you think I’d come back?Chris
  • The best environmentally friendly car – whether it is a hydrogen, electric, or water car – I just wish I could stop polluting the earth every time I drive. –Matias
  • I’d bring back the world’s largest pizza from the year 2012 – exactly one foot larger than the current world record holder. Amazing! –Alex
  • I’d bring back the future brew that has 203,495,823,094 times the amount of caffeine in every cup of coffee. –Ryan