Mobile World Conference: Thoughts from the Plane

I’m writing this post at 37,000 feet, not on a laptop computer, but from a mobile device.

I doubt you’re particularly impressed, but that’s kind of my point.  It seems like a small thing, given the prevalence of iPhones and BlackBerrys, to think about composing one’s thoughts on a pocket sized device.  But, in reality, the Blackberry revolution began only seven years ago.  Yes, it was predated by PDAs and alphanumeric pagers.  And realistically, the low-tech, but infinitely useful, pen and notebook has been capturing the musings of traveling philosophers long before that.

But imagine if Ernest Hemmingway had been able to publish his ruminations at the click of a button?  If Picasso had been able to update his photostream and share his ideas instantly to thousands, if not millions, of avid fans?  What would be the implications of that?  This is what the mobile revolution will bring.  I don’t know the answer, but it’s precisely what I’m hoping to find out.

I’m traveling thousands of miles to another country to immerse myself in something that is transforming the way we think, write and communicate.  A technology that is having an undeniable impact on every facet of modern life – media, relationships, even the alphabet – unchanged since the 16th century – have been forced 2 adapt 2 the realities of a mobile lifestyle.

I started my experience with mobile early.  My Dad was an early adopter; he had one of the first mobile phones.  At the time, my job was to carry it for him because, in those days, a phone was simply too big to hold in your pocket.  Soon after, his car came equipped with a phone that was tethered to the dashboard with one of those curly phone cables we all know and love.  In those days, that’s what “mobile” meant. You could take it anywhere, as long as you lugged its 3,000 lb dongle along.

In those days, the only use for a mobile phone was to make calls. Such an idea now feels quaint. Today’s mobile devices are our interface to the world and they’re only getting better.  As developers, and content creators, we have to evolve as well. Staying ahead of the game in such a rapidly developing market requires dedication and perseverance, something we at AgencyNet happen to have an abundance of. This week, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, I’ll get the opportunity to see firsthand, where Mobile will take us next.

I’ll be posting updates throughout the Mobile World Congress, so check back often for more news!  In the meantime, enjoy a humorous look at the evolution of mobile.