My First Time

Hi, my name is Richard Lent and this is my first blog post. Ever.

I’ve submitted 16 pages of written testimony to the United States Congress on the Digital Ecosystem.  I’ve written hundreds of strategy documents, creative briefs, pitch decks, scopes of work, master services agreements, employee reviews, and countless other business contracts. I’ve written thousands upon thousands of letters and e-mails. But until now, I’ve never written a blog post. So, why start now?

I’m well aware of the fact that there are a number of incredibly high-level executives and other Digital influencers who actively partake in social media communication. I know that there are extremely intelligent people like Joseph Jaffe, Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell who constantly utilize this medium to express thoughts on their respective areas of expertise (conversation marketing, entrepreneurship, and consumer behavior). Here’s the thing… it’s their job. They are authors and circuit speakers, and they make a very good living sharing their thoughts with the world.

I’m also well aware of the fact that you don’t need to be a journalist or change-agent by trade to successfully participate in this enormous, global conversation. My good friend Mike Lebowitz (who is not an author, but an agency principal like me) does an excellent job of putting himself out there.  That said, he is one the most innovative and creative minds I know and, as such, he shares his perspective and often strong opinions on innovation, creativity, and technology. It works for him.

On to me… I’m somewhat of a private person and though it sounds cliché, I truly believe there’s no “I” in team.  At AgencyNet, it has never been about me, always about us.  And, while I’m extremely passionate about Digital innovation and live for the visceral and sensorial experience that well-executed creative delivers, I’m a CEO and a strategist, and that’s not all that sexy. I have no idea if people would even be interested in reading about the responsibilities that now fill my every day; operations, management, staffing, contracts, fiscal planning, and strategic vision. Again, not that sexy.

So after this long-winded rant (get used to it) you’re probably wondering why I’m actually doing this?

Three reasons:

  1. I actually love social media and the incredible human connection it empowers. Not to mention, the fabulous job it does chronicling life’s experiences.
  2. At AgencyNet, we often recommend that our clients adopt a robust SMO strategy as part of their comprehensive Digital marketing plan. So, I’m practicing what we preach (finally).
  3. My team (particularly Lindsay Knowles, Chris Fullman and Larissa Meek) have been actively encouraging me to participate in the various social media channels for a while now and it’s getting a bit tiresome ignoring them.

So I asked Betsy DiCarlo, Executive Vice President and MD of our Florida office what the heck I should say.  As always, she gave me the best advice I could imagine and said, “Do what you normally do. Just disseminate the random musings, bizarre scenarios, and idiosyncratic analogies that you make all the time. Put yourself out there. See what it’s like.” Sounds about right – I’m in.

So, here I am finishing up my first blog post. But that’s not all. I’m going to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube (are those verbs yet?) and make my already busy life even busier.

Here’s to a therapeutic ’09.