Recap: Top 10 ‘Must Haves’ in Every Digital MSA

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Last week our CEO, Richard Lent, shared his insight and experience in a series of posts on the need to have a rock-solid Master Services Agreement in place. An MSA helps protect both agency and client interests, allowing for a smooth partnership between them — no small feat in our complex and ever changing industry.

Rich broke down AgencyNet’s unique Digital MSA, providing suggested language to consider when composing an MSA.  The appreciation of the digital community has been apparent and we thought we’d repost it (in consolidated format)  in case anyone missed it!

Part 1 covers:

1. Term: When does the relationship begin and when does it end?
2. Ownership: Who owns what?
3. Indeminification: What happens if either of us gets sued?

Part 2

4. Confidentiality: We know a lot and promise not to tell.
5. Assumptions: Do you stand behind your services?
6. Scope of Work: How do we define the work?
7. Change Orders: Because the CEO hates yellow and loves Facebook Apps (today).

Part 3 covers:

8. Poaching: I love your employees. Ar they for sale (or maybe lease)?
9. Promotion and Credit: We’re proud of the work we do- and we want to show it off.
10. Payment Schedule