AgencyNet is featured in Japan’s highly regarded Ad Mag, Kokoku-Hihyo


We are honored to be featured in Kokoku-Hihyo, one of Japan’s oldest and most respected advertising and marketing industry publications. Kokoku-Hihyo, translated as “Ad Critique,” began 50 years ago by a well-known Japanese cultural critic, Yukichi Amano. Similar to the U.S.’ Creativity Magazine, Kokoku-Hihyo introduces new trends in advertising with an emphasis on creativity and new media. For over a decade, Kaede Seville’s column “Adventurers in the Ad World: The Best and Brightest” has been the magazine’s most popular column and we are grateful to be featured in it. The article features our work and unfolds AgencyNet’s history. The in-depth account explains the company’s start in New York City, the move to Fort Lauderdale where our headquarters stands strong, our return to the Big Apple and our exciting future plans.

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