AgencyNet Wins 2006 OMMA Award with Viral Campaign for Howard Stern TV


blog_omma.jpgAgencyNet wins the 2006 OMMA Awards Viral Campaign section with its “Shave the Beaver” campaign for Howard Stern TV. This viral campaign had all the subtlety of, well, a Howard Stern Joke. AgencyNet launched “Shave the Beaver” to drive traffic to The campaign introduced visitors to the star of the “Beaver Salon,” an animated beaver, and invited them to groom him by trimming, waxing, shaving, and dyeing. Visitors could make unlimited trips to the salon and e-mail the game to friends. A gallery showcased the hottest beavers of the month. The Beaver Salon drew more than a million visitors, with an average 4.22 minutes per visit. Sixteen percent sent the game to a friend.