AgencyNet launches brand-new portal for rebranded Oxygen


Today, AgencyNet unveils a glittery, brand spanking, sparkling new The rebirth of the fastest growing cable network among female adults (18-49) through NBCU’s acquisition resulted in the new multiplatform content strategy of Oxygen Everywhere, “Live Out Loud” mantra and the identification of the channel’s valuable target audience “Generation O”. Oxygen Everywhere allows the brand to reach its’ “Generation O” consisting uniquely of trenders, spenders, and recommenders on their mobiles, online, on TV, and even on transit via “NBC Everywhere”, reaching over five million riders a month.

All of us at AgencyNet are thrilled to have had the opportunity to play such an integral part of such a large brand redesign. The Brand identity, created by Troika, was inspired by the Generation O and is reflected through sparkle, powder, and whimsy, like an eye-shadow palette. The new branding of Oxygen, while exciting and fun to work with, presented a challenge from a content presentation perspective. AgencyNet sought to find a balance between the brand elements and presenting content to the user in a logical and intuitive format, ultimately evolving their new on-air brand to the digital medium.

The new takes standards-based portals to the next level, using heavy graphics, overlaying elements and custom backgrounds. The challenge allowed the team to push the boundaries of CSS while still supporting older browsers. Moreover, incorporating JavaScript allowed us to add interactivity to the user experience without sacrificing opportunities for SEO.

In addition to the new portal redesign, AgencyNet has initially created two microsites that exist within the portal shell; 25iest Power Couples and Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood which both premiere in the month of June. Both microsites reflect the new branding and incorporate photo galleries, games, video clips, quizzes, and other extras.

Please check out for glitter, glitter and more glitter!