AgencyNet launches Howard Stern’s ‘Shave the Beaver’ viral campaign


AgencyNet launches viral campaign to drive traffic to Howard.TV, the online destination for Howard Stern’s On Demand television offering. Fans are welcomed into the “Beaver Salon”, a virtual barber shop serving as a backdrop for the site’s animated character.

This addictive advergame allows users to customize their beaver by trimming, waxing and dying, playing off a double entendre that strongly resonates with Stern fans. The site,, welcomes visitors with boudoir-style music as the curtains open to a lifelike rendition of the site’s hero, a cute and cuddly Beaver. AgencyNet provides users with all the essentials including an electric razor, wax and hair dye. From the pulsating buzzing of the electric razor to the squeals and screams of the beaver when stripping the wax, AgencyNet creates a humorous sensory experience for the popular campaign.

A viral component is integrated in the site, allowing users to share the application with their friends by challenging them to shave their own beaver. The site also comes complete with a gallery containing the hottest beavers of the month. Repeat visitation is encouraged by providing users an unlimited number of free salon visits to achieve that perfectly coiffed beaver.

Howard TV is available via monthly subscription-based Video On Demand service that provides more than 40 unique shows a month. The package is distributed by iN DEMAND Pay Per View to consumers throughout the United States via Time Warner, Comcast, COX and other cable affiliates.