Quadrupled! AgencyNet Featured In The Internet Case Study Book

Today, we received a special delivery from Taschen.

With delight, we unwrapped our exclusive sneak copy of Taschen’s The Internet Case Study Book by Julius Wiedemann and Rob Ford. The book is chock-full of stories and stats behind some of the most successful sites on the web. We were honored to be asked to participate!

In Chapter 1 titled “Campaigns”,  you’ll find a trifecta of work from our portfolio. Amongst the world-leading and highly acclaimed campaigns;

  • Ford Fusion Mixer : The Ford Fusion Mixer was a viral initiative created for Ford to connect with the potential Fusion buyer. We created a Mixer that allowed users to fuse (mix) together various genres of music (alternative, country, hip-hop, rock & roll, r&b, salsa, and tango). The end-result was a highly successful and entertaining engagement that kept users hooked for an average interaction time of 10 minutes and a 90% opt-in rate for more information on the Ford Fusion.
  • BacardiDJ : Bacardi and music go together like Bacardi & Coke, except one is drinkable and the other is not. We created an addicting digital music mixer that is a real testament to how a brand can provide consumers with a truly engaging well beyond product offerings, really in-line with the brand’s story. BDJ was a rockin’ success that resulted in 11.5 minutes of average interaction time and 1 major record label signing!
  • Beaches Send-a-Sandcastle : Send-a-Sandcastle was created for Beaches Resorts to drive attention to their always sunny and family friendly resorts. Indicative of how the target demo envisioned their perfect family getaways, we created the Send-a-Sandcastle app that allowed parents and children to explore the beaches brand together. The results were better than we could have anticipated — a whooping 17.54 minutes of average time on the site!

Skip to Chapter 5, “Corporate” to find one of our portfolio gems; Bacardi.com.

  • Bacardi.com : The hub for all things Bacardi is a robust global content infrastructure wrapped in an engaging, immersive digital experience. Bacardi.com is home to 27 country markets and in served up in 20 languages.

To borrow some words from Lars Basthlom of Ogilvy who wrote the book’s Afterword:

“In a medium as transient as the Internet, having books like this is what helps us remember where we came from. Which is often how we find out where we’re going.”