AgencyNet’s Flash Lite App for Bacardi Featured by Adobe at 2008 Mobile World Congress


We’re excited to announce that Adobe has featured our BACARDI Suggest-A-Cocktail Mobile application at the 2008 Mobile World Congress this week in Barcelona, the largest and most significant global mobile event in the world.
Capitalizing on the broad reach and ever-increasing availability of mobile which touches 585 million users, the Bacardi Mobile Suggest-A-Cocktail is a slick, mood-centric mobile cocktail recommendation engine that provides the end-user with informative and entertaining content on the go.

Rather than simply extending existing brand messaging beyond the .com, our approach was to envision the potential usage and evaluate what a consumer would truly covet from Bacardi on their mobile device. At the moment of the bar-call, the application applies user-inputted mood criteria to recommend the appropriate cocktail. The recipe will then be enhanced for the consumer to flip their mobile device and share the recipe with the bartender.

Additional stand-out features include multi-lingual support, unique creative based on time of day, ability to send a cocktail recipe to a friend via SMS, and a cocktail shaker animation that triggers the phone to vibrate.

Bacardi is always seeking new, innovative ways to engage with their legal drinking age consumers. This state-of-the-art application adds value to their bar experience: it capitalizes on the ubiquity and portability of mobile while the dynamic interactivity of Flash allows us to add some sexy “je ne sais quoi” which mobile applications desperately need and deserve.
- Gregoire Assemat-Tessandier, Global Digital Marketing Manager – Bacardi Global Brands

We developed the application with active collaboration with our good friends over at Adobe as a member of their exclusive mobile Lighthouse partnership program. The BACARDI Suggest-A-Cocktail Mobile application is the first of many innovative and cutting-edge initiatives we’ll be developing in Flash Lite and other emerging Adobe technologies this year.