AgencyNet’s newest launch wins FWA ‘Site of the Day’


Shortly after the launch of AgencyNet’s, FWA (Favourite Website Awards) awarded us with ‘Site of the Day’. Being featured on the FWA is always an honor!

QuitDoingIt (QDI) is the second collaboration between AgencyNet, The State Tobacco Education & Prevention Partnership (STEPP) and Cactus, a Colorado-based advertising agency. It’s a follow-up to the smash-hit Check it out, it might look familiar.

QDI is an engaging destination with the sole purpose of getting young adults to relinquish smoking tobacco. Take a tour through all of the QDI Laboratories:

In the Development department, users can operate the latest technology by weighing in their excuses for smoking against reasons they should quit and then zap the excuses away. In the Research department, users will get close and personal with a cigarette and learn more about the harmful ingredients existing in such a small object.

Ultimately, QDI provides users with two important cessation tools; The QuitLine and FixNixer, which will assist young adults in making the most important choice, to quit doing it.