Fanbase Mobile Featured in Billboard Magazine

Billboard magazine’s latest issue ranks the Top 10 Wireless Artists.

Rob Thomas clocks in at the number three spot thanks to his early adoption of the mobile platform and self professed Twitter addiction.   As the feature artist to launch the Fanbase platform, we’re not surprised he’s been dubbed “The Trailblazer.”

The article explains:

It’s easy for artists to jump on the bandwagon once a new mobile application shows promise – it’s much riskier to be the first to test out a new platform.

Rob Thomas showcased the app at the CTIA Wireless Conference earlier this year. Since the app’s debut, he’s sent over 3,800 updates. Fanbase enables fans to get real-time updates on Rob’s news, photos, music and tweets.  But the love runs both ways as the app allows fans to leave him a voice-mail, post a comment to his wall or chat with other fans.

We created the Fanbase Mobile application for Nokia devices in collaboration with Atlantic Records. We’re so proud our work on Fanbase has been adopted with open arms by such a talented recording artist, featured in Billboard magazine, and adored by music fans everywhere.

Now if we could just get Rob to come play our Halloween party…