Fanbase Mobile: For The Fan On The Go.

The modern day music enthusiast is a demanding consumer.

They provide open access to their lives and expect the same level of transparency and authenticity from their favorite artists. More and more, they demand a voice – an opportunity to engage in meaningful dialog with the artists themselves and with the community that surrounds them. Accordingly, Atlantic Records and AgencyNet have partnered to extend the Fanbase platform into the mobile space.

The app offers music enthusiasts a new way to connect with their favorite artists, including big names like Rob Thomas, Flo Rida, Sean Paul, Staind, Death Cab for Cutie, James Blunt, Buckcherry, Jet, Panic At The Disco, Paramore, Rush, Simple Plan, Missy Elliot, and more.

Mobile frees fans from their computer screens and creates a true dialog — allowing real-time access to artist news, photos, videos and Twitter feeds as well as giving fans a platform to respond. Users are able to communicate directly with the band by replying to Tweets, posting to the artist’s “wall” – even leaving them a voicemail.

“Music is a powerful thing. No other art form comes close to the level of devotion displayed by its enthusiasts,” said Brian Chiger, Digital Strategist at AgencyNet. “Since the explosion of the internet, digital has become a conduit for that passion. The intimacy of the mobile device makes it the perfect forum for artists and fans to interact.”

The application, powered by a dynamic backend, allows users to switch between artist feeds quickly and easily. Each feed is fully customizable on-the-fly, allowing each artist to showcase a different look and feel as well as update their channel for special events.

Artists today recognize the value of reaching out to consumers and building relationships through digital channels. By providing their artists with innovative tools, Atlantic Records is leading the way through innovative and emerging platforms. A look at the stands of any concert and revels a panorama lit up by hundreds of tiny mobile screens. Fanbase Mobile opens an exciting opportunity for fans and artists to connect through them.

The application launches March 31st, 2009 at the CTIA conference in Las Vegas, where featured artist Rob Thomas will be headlining the Billboard Mobile Live Event.

Fanbase is one of two mobile apps launched by AgencyNet this week. Check out the Oxygen hormoneOscope we launched yesterday. We’ve also developed branded mobile experiences for Pepsi, Bacardi, and more.

Update: Fanbase was featured on CNBC.