Food & Drink Digital features our travel marketer tips

Food & Drink Digital
We all know summertime is a crucial one for travel marketers to try and engage with their target consumers so their destination, venue or event wins out.

But how do they stand out in such a cluttered marketing environment, especially in the digital space, which is increasingly becoming the go-to travel resource? One of our strategists provided some very valuable tips on how to do just that in this month’s issue of Food & Drink Digital.

The key pearl of wisdom? Brands need to embrace the premise of ‘Value Exchange’—that is, brands need to provide something of value to consumers in order to build a deeper, meaningful relationship—one where the consumer in return will pledge their loyalty, advocate the brand to their personal networks and importantly purchase or engage with the brand’s products.

This idea of a Brand Value Exchange is something we’re very passionate about here at AgencyNet, so make sure you check out the rest of the article here.

What other travel brands do you think are doing a good job of this?

Photo credit: Food & Drink Digital