FWA Interview of AgencyNet Designer Joshua Corliss


We are proud to share that one of our own designers, Joshua Corliss, is the featured interview this week on FWA. Joshua, also known under the alias ‘Jayemsee’, is no stranger to FWA. He has been part of a team at AgencyNet that has been the recipient of more than a few FWA SOTDs. Additionally, Joshua has contributed more than two handfuls of wallpapers in their famed Wallpaper section.

In his interview he vents on, “Deadlines: Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without them.” He ensures Flash is here to stay and explains you can learn at design school but no one can teach you talent, that’s up to you! Josh gets a little numerical about the potential reach the digital medium has in the U.S. alone and much more; so visit The FWA and read the rest!