Helping Anvil Tell Their Sustainability Story


It’s not just what you make, but how you make it.

The future is green.

With “Climate-gate” debunked and the Occupy protests still going strong, it is more important than ever that brands and companies behave as good corporate citizens.  This means transparently adhering to rigorous environmental, labor, social and manufacturing standards.

Every year, Ceres, a non-profit coalition that addresses business sustainability challenges, assesses sustainability reports from companies around the globe to help each take realistic stock of their performance in the past year and set goals for the future.

Last year, we helped Anvil Knitwear submit their first ever report.  That effort was recognized at the Ceres Conference as the “Best First Time Report” of 2010.   This year, we helped them publish an update that shows off their strides towards greater sustainability.

We broke the report into two sites.  A slickly produced executive summary that offers a top line look into Anvil’s progress and the full report for the serious Sustainability enthusiasts out there.

Screen shot 2011-11-22 at 5.39.40 PM

Screen shot 2011-11-22 at 5.39.25 PM

We’re glad to work for brands that take their responsibility so seriously.

View the Executive Summary

View the Full Report