Introducing Very Smart Research

The human decision-making process explored.

We’re proud to announce the launch of a trio of online destinations for Very Smart Research, a leading market research company. Being a modern agency rooted in consumer insights and strategic thinking, we were excited to work closely with an expert research firm that approaches research in an unconventional way. We quickly learned their method is based on much more than asking consumers survey questions. Instead, their approach truly taps into the decision making process -  factoring in rationale, unconscious and emotive dynamics.

In the center of the mix, we’ve created, a home for their brand. The solution is a simplistic and beautiful web presence to educate potential clients on their unique research approach.  The site’s aesthetic layer is composed of artwork by José Gonçalves, an extremely talented Brazilian artist. Using Photoshop and Flash, we turned his masterpieces (with consent, of course!) into parallaxing scenes of a quaint village.

In addition to the new .com, we’ve launched a very smart blog, Talkintuitive, where the Consumer Research experts of VS Research discuss the many layers surrounding the consumer decision-making process.

Lastly, we created Quizzr, a proprietary research tool that is meant to deconstruct the consumer thought process to ultimately extract valuable findings. Quizzr, the anti-questionnaire, is designed to allow the consumer to share their thoughts, impulses and emotions via an engaging and insightful system. (Sorry folks, we can’t share credentials but if you are interested in working with VS Research, feel free to reach out for a demo!)