Kung Fu Fighting Remixed


Just released from our Products and Platforms team, we’re proud to share the “Kung Fu Fighting” mobile application built for Pepsi.  We were approached by Forum Nokia, a global developer program, who was asked by Pepsi to recommend a mobile developer with the expertise to create a mobile application capable of aligning brand and messaging while engaging Pepsi’s core demographic. The end result is a truly integrated international ad campaign that reaches the Pepsi consumer on the web, on the television and ultimately, where ever they choose. Download it here by clicking ‘Descarga esta aplicacion’.

“The digital world continues to expand beyond the traditional .com,” said Marc Case, EVP of AgencyNet. “By designing mobile content that is both relevant and engaging, brands have the ability to deepen and expand their existing relationships with customers. In an age when mobile phones have become the most ubiquitous gateway to the Internet, we believe that, moving forward, a more holistic approach to digital marketing will be critical to both the fitness and survival of brands.”

With the “Kung Fu Fighting” campaign, a consumer uses the web and mobile over time to gain codes from the website to unlock exclusive video content on their mobile device. The application, created in Adobe Flash Lite, also features an addictive mobile game called “Beat the Kung Fu Master” where the user tries to grab the coin from the kung fu master requiring a precise and quick reaction. Additionally, the application comes with a plethora of content including the newest Pepsi spots and bios of the stars of the campaign.

Pepsi’s international campaign, “Kung Fu Fighting,” features remakes of the 1974 funk classic “Kung Fu Fighting” remixed by Reggae sensation Shaggy T, rap star T-Pain and up and coming songstress Tami Chynn , with a star performance by comedic actor Verne Troyer. The commercial was nothing short of Pepsi’s usual cinematic and internationally appealing productions, based on a light hearted, choreographed kung fu-style competition to win the last can of Pepsi.

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