Looking For Something American Made?

There’s a free app for that.

Globalization can be an ugly word. Sure it’s great to have more choices and lower prices, but when companies chase the bottom line too aggressively they often sacrifice American jobs for profits. Today, the United States Department of Labor, announced the 2009 Mass Layoff Summary reporting that an astonishing 2.7 million layoffs occurred in 2009*. While we’re hopeful that economic conditions will improve in 2010, the possibility of change can be directly empowered via home-grown innovation, consumer confidence and now – your iPhone.

Looking to support a struggling US economy, many Americans want to spend more of their dollars on products that create and sustain jobs here at home.

So we got to thinking, how can we help keep American cash in America? For starters, a method of identifying companies whose products proudly bear the “Made in the USA” label would allow individuals to flex their civic pride when it matters most… at the cash register. There wasn’t an app for that, so our proprietary products group built one. American Made is an iPhone app that provides consumers with an extensive database of products manufactured in the US of A.

The app’s lead developer, James Hall, noted “Working on this app really made me realize how many products are still being made in America, and I hope it helps consumers make more intelligent decisions when buying goods that will strengthen our economy.”

The app is designed to be simple and direct. Users are greeted with the prompt “What are you looking for today that’s American Made?” Users can then search by a product category or a specific brand. Additionally, users may suggest new companies to be added to or removed from the database, resulting in an ever growing data set consistently enriched by the community. Capitalizing on the the inherent shareability of Digital, users can also pass on companies to friends directly from the application.

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Welcome Screen

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We created this app with no political affiliation or agenda. We aren’t boycotting the wonderful, culturally inspiring and innovative products abroad, but equipping consumers with the ability to choose American-made products when and if they are available. It’s just one way we can all help our country’s economy rebound in 2010, one purchase at a time.

Don’t have an iPhone and want in on the American Made database? Visit AmericanMadeApp.com to add a company or find out more information.