mike’s hard lemonade® Forms a League of Their Own

Do you have what it takes to play Hard Sports?

Working with Digital Agency of Record client, mike’s hard lemonade®, we launched a social campaign that transformed casual athletics into “mike’s® Hard Sports.

While beverage giants were snatching up sports sponsorships from everything pro football to extreme sports, we had mike’s® align with the type of sports which are, like their brand, a change from the “norm”. So we set off to create a league of their own. Reflecting the irreverent tone of the brand, we set out to support the guys who aren’t afraid to break the mold by launching a summer campaign that raised the bar on recreational sports— we take the unserious, very, very seriously.

Here’s how it worked.  First, “tryouts” called for everyman heroes to “grab your video camera and show us what you’re made of”. A flood of submissions came through from enthusiasts of every [quirky] sport from dodgeball, lawn-darts, kickball, corn-hole and everything in between.

Athletes promoted their entries to earn votes from fans.  The campaign concluded with the selection of our three winners.  Each was awarded the opportunity to star in mike’s® Fall campaign spots and cash prizes that ranged from $2,500-$10,000.

The campaign generated a 65% growth in Mike’s Facebook fan base and a 21% increase in daily conversations about Mike’s.

The competition is now over, but we welcome you to check out some of the campaign highlights below!

MHS Facebook

Call for Tryouts

Winning Video