AgencyNet launches Oxygen Network’s newest microsite “Campus Ladies”


AgencyNet was tasked with creating a dynamic web space in support of Oxygen Network’s newest program, the edgy “Campus Ladies,” executive produced by “Curb Your Enthusiasm” co-star Cheryl Hines. The firm’s challenge was to design a site as unique as the show’s premise, which follows two 40-something housewives that ditch their suburban lives to attend college all over again, complete with keg stands, fraternity parties and raunchy comedy. Having worked with Oxygen on a series of interactive and engaging advergames to drive tune-in for programs such as “Nadine in Dateland,” “Talking Sexy with Suzie Joe,” and “Girls Behaving Badly,” AgencyNet created similar online programming for “Campus Ladies.”

Through a series of immersive brand experiences utilizing streaming video, advergaming and viral marketing tactics, the “Campus Ladies” site encapsulates the spirit and humor of the show grabbing the attention of potential viewers. AgencyNet generated email buzz around the show, creating a viral element called “Scrap Book” where viewers can link and paste their own face onto the bodies of the fun loving women at a fraternity party, working out at the gym or eating hotdogs.

Through e-mailing the personalized photos to their friends, AgencyNet was able to drive traffic to the “Campus Ladies” web site and in turn drive tune-in. Upon visiting the site, viewers become familiar with the cast of “Campus Ladies” while playing a computerized version of “Spin the Bottle.” Additional elements to the site include a “Free Booty” link where fans have a chance to win free shower gel and cash.

“Campus Ladies is such a unique program that it was crucial that we created a web space that highlighted its originality,” said Richard Lent, CEO of AgencyNet. “Leveraging interactive elements like Spin the Bottle and Scrap Book, we have been able to illustrate the tongue-in-cheek personality of the show to potential viewers.”