AgencyNet Launches

Every once in a while, we have the opportunity to work on projects that not only excite us creatively, but truly make the world a better place.

This is one of those projects.  Since PoP founder Adam Braun came into our office and inspired us with his vision, we have been working tirelessly to make it a reality.

The AgencyNet and PoP team both agreed that we needed to re-launch and upscale their web presence to help them achieve their vision.  Unlike many non-profits who focus exclusively on their programming mission, PoP is unique in that they consider their objective to be twofold.  They refer to it as the 51/49 principal.

  • 51% of our mission is focused on impacting educational opportunities in the developing world for children who need it most.
  • 49% is focused on empowering young people across the globe to create social good.

We created a site that will help them achieve both.

The Site

Being a small organization, we couldn’t count on the fact that visitors would of PoP.  We needed to quickly convey our mission and get visitors interested enough to dive into the site.  We wanted to avoid overly cluttered homepages that overwhelm visitors and make non-profit life look boring with a wash of text.


Our solution was a vibrant homepage, full of motion and large bold imagery.  The 51/49 principle is a key differentiator in their approach, so bringing this to the forefront visually, quickly articulates this to the visitor upon interaction to reveal how to get involved.

Showing The 51%

Many times, non-profits talk about their work in the abstract, using numbers or generic photographs. Our work is different.

Each of our schools are unique collaborations between Pencils of Promise and the community itself.  So, to bring our projects to life, each school receives its own dedicated page where visitors can track the progress of the build, read update from the PoP field team, view photos and videos, even take virtual tours of the sites themselves!


Project overview


Take a 360 view of the schools

Empowering The 49%

Pencils of Promise describes themselves as the charity who doesn’t just want you to donate, but to join.  Everyone has something meaningful to contribute.  Sometimes, money isn’t one of those things.  We made sure there were lots of ways for visitors to meaningfully contribute to the movement.


Many ways to join the movement

Sure there are traditional donations, as well as the ability to create your own fundraiser, but there are also opportunities to donate your social currency using your Facebook or Twitter account.


See how far your voice can carry

We also encourage users to volunteer for PoP activities with signup forms, toolkits with ideas for self directed advocacy, and both official and crowd sourced events.

Your Money Makes A Difference

Non-profits tackle the big issues.  Donating, particularly for small donors, can often feel like throwing money into a bottomless pit— you never see it again, but you don’t get the sense it’s really doing anything down there.

To reassure our donors this was not the case, our donation slider translates money into impact, helping donors realize just how far their contribution can go.

donation slider

Donation Slider

Similarly, we made sure that indicators of our progress and momentum were all over the site.


Impact at-a-glance

Screen shot 2011-11-22 at 12.30.54 AM

Projects at-a-glance

A Generation Empowered Will Empower the World

Finally, to fully deliver on PoP’s mission to empower first world youth, we included their voices all over the site.  Every member of the PoP team is pictured on the site, not just the movement leaders and board members.

We spotlight extraordinary volunteers, dubbed the PoP Stars, listing them above even the organization’s founder.  We really can’t do this without them.


Meet the people behind the PoP Movement

More to come…

But this is just the beginning.  We’re excited to be working with PoP and there will be more goodness to come!  Head on over to to see how you can get involved.