Please Vote: 2011 SXSW Panels

We’re heading back to Austin!

This year we’ve submitted half a dozen panels and we would be honored to present any or all of them SXSW for the third time! But we can’t do it alone — we kindly ask for your vote(s) if any of the following topics pique your interest! Polls close on August 27th!


1. Now Form the Head! Voltron and Digital Space

Voltron is the 80’s original battle robot. Comprised of five separate (and fully capable) Battle Cats, it is only when they are combined that the true power of Voltron is released (along with his nearly unbeatable “blazing sword”). With the advent of the integrated web and the multiscreen consumer, brand presences must operate in a similar way, individually capable yet more powerful as a combined whole. How should brands integrate their digital platforms (web, social mobile) to maximize success? How should analog touchpoints be woven into the mix? Vote it up!

Irrelevant Phones

2.Why Can’t More Advertisers Design Relevant Mobile Experiences?

Mobile is the most self aware computing platform to date. It’s location aware, time aware, context aware… so why is the state of mobile advertising and app-vertising so random? Digital marketers need to take a page from the CPG industry and develop with a purpose and usage occasion in mind — such a solution would be more valuable to both consumers AND advertisers. Take me to the panel picker! To the voting, and beyond!

Unbreak the mobile web

3. Unbreak My Heart: Someone Fix the Mobile Web

The complexity of thousands of unique hardware and OS combinations means that developers have to take hardware limitations like screen size into consideration, as well as software limitations such as obscure or dated browsers. This means that right now somewhere, someone, is looking at a newly published, “mobile-optimized” site for a forward-thinking company and can’t figure out why the webpage looks like a high school student project.  Voten por favor!

Service Industry

4. Everyone’s in the Service Business

With the evolution from a production-based to consumption-lead economy, a surprising fact emerges: brands too are in the service business. It’s no longer sufficient to produce a product and expect it to fly off the shelves. Consumers are educated, vocal, and have the expectation to have a voice in the brands they buy. The digital ecosystem has empowered this shift, and companies have to be structured to account for the behavior. Votez, s’il vous plaît.

bogus banners

5. Your Banners Are Bogus

How effective is digital advertising these days? Pre-rolls have transformed much of current online inventory into a familiar facsimile of television advertising. But banner advertising has become that annoyance that people don’t pay attention to anymore – how can we create a more meaningful advertising relationship with digital consumers? To the voting thingy!


6. Agile for Agencies

In the Rugby world, scrum means that the whole team works together to push the ball toward the goal. In the software development world, it refers to an iterative framework for developing projects or features as one cohesive unit. How can we apply the efficiencies of agile development to a client-driven world? Take me to the ballots!

flash vs 5

7. What now Flash?

Now that the iPad and iPhone are widely accepted as the future, Where does Flash stand? Can we still build our sites in all flash (hint: yes)? And how do we deal with those challenges like non-flash and mobile versions? Please vote!