Sliming The Web for the 2011 Kids’ Choice Awards

Every year, the “First Kids’ Network” plays host to the biggest event in children’s television, Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards.

As the name suggests, the awards show reflects kids choices for the best actors, musicians, video games, and athletes, famously determined by a democratic online vote.

This year, we had the opportunity to help Nickelodeon ‘rock the vote’ in a way that had never been attempted before.  Nick challenged us to bring the voting experience to Facebook using social media to not just tally votes, but to build anticipation and excitement for the event.

Our response?  Yes we can.

We launched our solution, a Facebook application, one month prior to the KCA airdate.  The app vastly exceeded expectations, garnering over 14 million votes.  An additional 25 million earned social impressions were generated by content shared from the app, including photos, badges and wall posts.  Most impressively, the application generated 2 million incremental “like’s” across Nickelodeon’s Facebook portfolio.  Before it was over, everyone got into the act, even The Bieber, who encouraged his fans to cast votes with tweets and wall posts that brought in kids by the droves.


KCA 2011 Facebook Application Results

How were we so successful?  Here’s the secret: the app wasn’t just another digital ballot. In addition to casting ballots, the application gave fans the power to virtually sling slime all over their friend’s photos and their favorite websites.  This year, celebrities weren’t the only ones who wound up with a face full of the gooey green stuff.

But virtual slime ain’t free. (Nothing ever is, right?)  Fans earned slime by voting on the KCA’s, interacting with polls and quizzes, campaigning for their favorite nominee, watching videos and exploring downloadable fan kits. For every engagement, fans watched their “Slime Meter” grow as they accumulated more and more slime to sling.   The slime could be deployed against their friend’s photos as a barrage of slime balloons, slime blasters, and the feared “wave of slime.”

Content and activities within the app were updated on a regular basis leading up to the award show – creating an experience that encouraged repeat visitation and incentivized users to play again and again.

Who says the youth don’t vote?