SXSW 2010: Cast a Vote for AgencyNet

It’s only August, but we’re already excited!

This year we’ve submitted eight panel topics that we’d love to present at the 2010 SXSW Interactive Conference. We’ve put together proposals that broach a range of topics: from designing brand experiences that cut through the clutter, to marketing to Millenials, the future of emerging technologies, building global infrastructure, the challenges of running a digital agency and more. Please vote on the topics you would love to learn more about!

Our team looks forward to SXSW every year. In fact, we’re no strangers to the conference as we always send a solid team of AgencyNetters to socialize and learn. Check out some of the fun we had in last year’s SXSW Flickr Set.

Act Globally, Think Digitally

More often than not, sites and platforms are built in a bubble – thinking about the client, the target market, the content – but what about taking scalability and global infrastructure into consideration? These should be the first words mentioned in discovery for a global brand’s digital initiatives. Click to vote this panel up!

Flash vs. Standards: An All-Out Street Fight!

In a world of SEO, robust JavaScript, CSS, WordPress, mobile accessibility, AIR and (soon) HTML5, what role should Flash play moving forward? Has it run its course as a development platform or does it continue to add value to the web experience.  Does it need to evolve or do we just  need to use it differently? Click to vote this panel up!

Design in the Age of Attention Deficit

In an age where consumer attention is under constant attack, this session will explore how we can design brand experiences that cater to the rapid nature of content ingestion while delivering on aesthetic and brand differentiation. Click to vote this panel up!

Teens, Tweens and Tech: Keeping up With the Jonases

With a portfolio chock full of digital campaigns geared towards teens and tweens, we’ve learned a thing or two about reaching this target audience online. Millennials will soon define your strategic marketing plans, if they haven’t already as future decision makers and purchasers. They expect, prefer and embrace Digital like no other generation has before. Click to vote this panel up!

Face Recognition and Beyond: The Next Generation of Interactivity

Easily one of the most buzzworthy technologies to be developed in years, the fidelity that Microsoft’s Project Natal promises could take the digital interaction leaps and bounds beyond he Nintendo Wii’s groundbreaking design. Full body motion detection, next-generation voice and face recognition will integrate together to bridge the gap between virtual experiences and the real space. Click to vote this panel up!

Augmented Reality – Gimmicky Trend or Market-Ready Technology?

Augmented Reality has been around for a while, but recently has bubbled up into Flash web apps through PaperVision and camera object detection magic FLARToolkit. Also, experimental integrations into mobile devices have introduced a special element to hand-held gaming, where something akin to scifi holograms are possible. Is AR just a trend or market ready technology? Click to vote this panel up!

Digital, The Land of the Free

As digital agencies we are constantly faced with two ever-present obstacles. First, we must overcome negative client perceptions about paying for intangible products. Second, we need to develop digital initiatives that satisfy the entitled web user, all the while presenting opportunities for monetization for clients. Click to vote this panel up!

What Should a Brand Presence Look Like Online?

We’re a far cry from the .com/ microsite/banner ad model that launched digital advertising. But no one can agree on what brands need to be doing to stay relevant in a digital world. This panel discusses what consumers want to see from brands in the digital space. Click to vote this panel up!