‘The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency’ Launched


To showcase Oxygen’s newest program, the edgy “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency”, starring Janice Dickinson, America’s original supermodel, strategic interactive leader AgencyNet created a microsite as unique as the show’s star herself.

The show follows the outspoken Dickinson as she opens her own agency looking to find the hottest models from across the country. AgencyNet’s challenge was to encapsulate Dickinson’s boisterous and brazen personality through the microsite in an effort to drive tune-in. Via a series of immersive brand experiences utilizing streaming video, advergaming and online promotions, “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency” microsite grabs the attention of potential viewers showcasing the high-octane world of modeling online through the show’s microsite.

The site, http://www.oxygen.com/janice, welcomes visitors into the world of Janice Dickinson and follows the show’s star on “A Normal Day With Janice” as she takes on the cut throat world of modeling. The site also features a “Meet the Models” section highlighting Janice’s future catwalk stars. Viewers can tune in to see video clips of the show, which can be emailed to friends for viral distribution.

The focal point of the microsite is the dynamic “Be Janice Dickinson” advergame, which incorporates a mix of streaming video, and user-generated snapshots taken with a virtual digital camera. Gamers watch 20-second clips of the would-be models strutting down the catwalk, and interactively take 10 photos using the virtual camera. Each photo is then “critiqued” by Janice.

Players are entered to win a digital camera, and to build viral awareness of the site, are encouraged to challenge their friends to log on to the site and take more snapshots. In addition to the Janice Dickenson site, AgencyNet has worked with Oxygen on a series of interactive sites and engaging advergames designed to drive tune-in for programs such as “Campus Ladies”, “Nadine in Dateland”, “Talking Sexy with Sue Jo”, and “Girls Behaving Badly”.