Ad Campaigns Are Dead?

A lot of bold claims are being made

about how increased consumer control, technology amplified word-of-mouth and reduced advertiser power over messaging are leading to the rapid death of the ad campaign.  But it’s not true, and it goes against fundamental human behavior.

Advertising articulates what the brand is, or portrays, in order to appeal to particular consumers.  Consumers look to brands to define who they are and what they represent, it’s how we make decisions about what is right for us.  Digital and social marketing still need to do the same, except it is now through more effective participation and engagement rather than old school broadcast messaging.

How do the best brands succeed in the social age?

  1. Stay relevant.  It’s easy to get side tracked by humorous Facebook posts, or random Twitter links.  Know who you are trying to motivate and cater content to them.
  2. Define and maintain your strategy.  It’s not about just getting consumers to engage with, and talk about, your brand.  If you are not intentional in the conversation you want to create, it can easily run off the rails and into territory with no business value.  Let consumers own the conversation, but they will still look to you to shape the direction of the conversation around your brand.