Coca-Cola Launches Mobile Payment System

Screen shot 2011-10-21 at 9.58.33 AM
Coca-Cola recently partnered with Google to test out the latest innovation in mobile payments: Google Wallet.

This latest partnership allows users with an NFC-enabled Google Android phone make purchases simply by tapping their phone against the payment device. Coca-Cola is piloting this program with Google on over 200 vending machines. However, this is not their only attempt at re-inventing the vending process, Coca-Cola has also unveiled an interactive vending machine that has a number of digital displays. A small screen allows users to “spin” the bottle around to see nutritional information, while a bigger display shows videos and advertisements connected to the Coke Digital Network.

Coke is enhancing its brand experience through unique product distribution by doing two things better than its competitors:

1.     Coca-Cola is driving innovation and sales by designing their machines to fulfill the need of payment accessibility through mobile and credit card payments. This technological innovation makes physical currency less relevant for machines that once required consumers to deposit coins.

2.     Coca-Cola bolsters its brand by aligning its brand- the world’s best brand*- with Google- the world’s fourth best brand. Both are seen as favorable brands, and are growing as a result of this partnership. Using branded content from the Coke Digital Network, the brand can continue to align itself with favorable partners and unique content using their product distribution vehicle as the medium. This also helps Coca-Cola and its advertisers become a more localized advertising platform, allowing them the ability to provide custom-tailored content.

Brand partnerships and a new approach to the vending machine are two of countless reasons why Coca-Cola remains one of the most recognized, powerful brands in the world.

* Interbrand Study: 2011 Ranking of the Top 100 Brands