Money for Nothing?

What would you do if I asked you for $5 to help me fund a creative idea?

If you were a friend or family member you might hesitate, but you’d probably do it.  What if I were a stranger?  How many people do you know who would do that?  1 in 100, 1 in 10,000?

That’s what Kickstarter does.  It’s a website dedicated to helping creative ideas happen, and strangers give money to other strangers just to see their ideas happen.  It’s an amazing site, and worth checking out.  But what’s more amazing is how it illustrates one of the most powerful phenomenons of the Internet.  In a way never before possible, large groups of like-minded people across the country, and across the world, can congregate quickly and with common purpose.

Instead of having to find a needle in a haystack through direct marketing, or hope to reach the right target through broadcast media, you can actually attract the exact person you want, just by building something they find valuable.

Historically, brands used marketing to inspire consumers psychologically. Marketing helps us identify with  and  feel that brand is for us.  What’s amazing about digital, is brands now have the opportunity to engage average people in inspiring activities, they no longer have to be rhetoric and a vague brand promise.  Brands can build digital experiences that manifest a brand essence and provide a mutually beneficial value exchange – something the consumer cares about personally, in exchange for brand engagement and even purchase, especially if they play a part in helping the brand get off the ground.