Snuggie: a Triumph of Design or a Triumph of Marketing?

The Snuggie. A Blanket with sleeves.

The bizarrely brilliant Snuggie is flying off the shelves…. We ask: A triumph of design or a triumph of marketing?

  • I’d say some of each and a lot of luck.  First, I can see how the design addresses a need.  It’s incredibly difficult to read a book under a blanket without your arms getting cold!   On the marketing side, I’d say good price point and timing.  A ‘triumph of marketing’ though?  I’d reserve that for the Apples of the world.  Every now and then,  a product achieves a certain ‘cult status’ that is completely unanticipated and only understood in hindsight.  Late night comics, YouTube contributors, and blogs not unlike this one, have all contributed to the rise of the Snuggie.  Easy to spoof, easy to love – I think I want one. -Betsy
  • A triumph of marketing – I’m sure QVC had something to do with this. I can only imagine the people who watch that channel 24/7 would be the people buying it.    -Elissa
  • Combination of marketing and timing. It’s winter and they’ve marketed The Snuggie towards families and the older crowd. -Adam
  • I think it was an accident. The idea is so simple it’s kind of silly that no one has ever thought of it. It’s really like having an extra large robe. I would buy one if it had the AgencyNet logo on it.    -Larissa
  • Triumph of marketing. It got into the hands of the same people that sold ice to Eskimos. -Omar
  • “Accident is the name of the greatest of all inventors.” Mark Twain -Tracy
  • Have you seen the commercial for the Snuggie? You know your product is designed well when people see it and can figure out how they’ll use it — without the need for slick emotional appeals. Would the Snuggie work if it had an Apple logo and the ad structure was more like the iPhone demo, just showing someone putting it on and off with some funky indie rock? I think it would. You’d probably start thinking it was cool, too. -Brian
  • Triumph of design! As our resident Computer Geek and all around Nerd… I think the product idea is very cool. I just wish there was a dark brown version with a big cowl shaped hood, and it opened in the front! -Clinton
  • It’s a marketing gimmick. It solves no real-world issues, it’s a backwards hospital gown/robe. Does anyone actually keep their houses frigid enough where answering the phone causes discomfort and damage to the outer layers of someone’s skin? I don’t think so…    -Chris F.
  • The Snuggie is a triumph of design! My sister-in-law wears her winter coat when she’s home in Michigan so she can use her hands without having a blanket slip off. I don’t think South Floridians can truly appreciate how cold it gets up north. Sip my coffee while snuggled in a blanket? Yes, please.    -Melissa
  • I have to say, I was blissfully unaware of the Snuggie – so thanks Lindsay! I don’t think there’s anything special about the marketing, just your usual AS-SEEN-ON-TV style product. It’s an impulse buy- we know there are plenty of people out there that will see the infomercial and think “what a great idea!”. Besides, who doesn’t want to lounge around the house dressed as a Franciscan monk?  -Ben H.
  • Snuggies + smittens = relaxation bliss    -James
  • I think it’s less a matter of design or marketing so much as it is reach. The lowly “As-Seen-On-TV” commercial format has allowed simple, often hilarious, ideas to create incredible buzz. The cheap production values and bargain basement air-time has allowed the “average Joe” basement inventor with a product and a dream to harness the power of mass marketing and given us some of the craziest products ever sold – thank you Ron Popeil. Personally, I hope these silly little products keep coming. Even if the products are something I don’t want, I still love those commercials. -Marc

While conducting some due-diligence before answering the question, Melanie found that before the Snuggie, there was the Slanket. That sparked a little competitive analysis…

  • Something about the word “Slanket” sounds much less appealing than “Snuggie”. Slanket makes it sound as if it’s itchy or it would smother you. And the Snuggie has more parodies, like this one!   -Larissa
  • The Slanket is way overpriced. $45!??? Where’s my map light!?  -Brian