Is this thing on?

So… yeah. Here it is.  My first post. You’ll forgive me if it sounds a lot like a mic check. In reality, that’s basically what it is.

It’s human nature to feel a little intimidated when first approaching a stage. A common method for coping is to innocuously test the new platform – nothing we can be judged on, but a nice way to feel out the unfamiliar territory, to hear the sound of our voice in this strange new medium. Tapping a microphone, clearing our throats, a hello shouted into the canyon, a tenuous wave at the camera – all gestures to relieve our anxiety and overcome an unfamiliarity with the machine.  We need assurance that people are listening and that our voice will be heard.

Digital is no different.  Google the phrase “my first blog post” and you’ll come across thousands of posts that start very much like mine. You’ll notice a similar phenomenon if you try my first youtube video.” Even the first YouTube video of all time, “me at the zoo” follows a similar vein – dipping a toe in the proverbial water. The clever website My First Tweet chronicles the Twitter community as they test the sound of their new voices.

As we seek to understand consumer behavior online, it is helpful to understand where their behavior is similar to the real world and where it is decidedly not. As a digital strategist (something of a cross between a psychologist, sociologist, observationalist, and branding consultant), that is the crux of my interest in digital and I plan it to be an ongoing theme for this blog.

I’ve also been a musician for the past 6 years. I’ve played venues around the US, for audiences as large as thousands and as small as… well… no one (usually the latter). At the beginning of every performance, it’s always good practice to make sure the setup works. Personally, I’ve always been partial to the check from “This is Spinal Tap.”

“This is mic one. This is mic one. This really is a lot of fun. This is mic one.”

Seems like this works.