When in doubt, reboot!

In honor of our first ‘Digital President’, it’s time to reboot.

I began my career working at a technology company straight out of college.  I remember some words of wisdom there that proved to cure many ailments, “When in doubt, reboot.”

Those words came back to me today while thinking about where the Digital industry is now and where it has the ability to take us.  Unless you live under a rock, there’s no denying the power of Digital – thank you President Obama.  In this new reality of bank failures, soaring unemployment rates, and abysmal health-care, those of us still fortunate enough to be gainfully employed need to promote some goodwill.  So to my earlier point… I think there’s a need for a proverbial “re-boot” in the Digital space.  And we have a responsibility, being predominant digital social influencers, to do our part to perform this reboot.

Nobody would ever classify me as an “eternal optimist”, maybe a not-so-jaded realist at best.  However, knowing the power of this medium, don’t we know how pervasive negativity can fester and spread?

Emo-tweeting, is killing me…. let’s reboot it!
Criticism as a primary form of communication….  let’s reboot it!
Blogging, Tweeting, and IMing thoughts that we would never say in person…. let’s reboot it!
Fixating on the inconsequential things, instead of counting our blessings…. let’s reboot it!

We are contributing to the most influential, permeating mood-changing mechanism ever created.  I realize it is much easier (and dare I say, trendier) to jump on the negative bandwagon, but I guarantee there are those out there who are far worse off than us right now.  I urge us all to use our influence to promote positivity.  Who knows, maybe we can be the tipping point.