Why Build a Website?

Self-promotion is always harder, somehow, than the work we agencies strive to do for our clients.

For all of the expertise, experience, and creativity we bring to bear to solve our clients’ deepest business and communications challenges, we often find ourselves sitting in our own internal brainstorms, staring blankly at a whiteboard. Befuddled.

Believe me, I was there.

Part of the trouble arises in the fact that agency websites are, truthfully, a pretty uninspiring lot. At best, they tend to reflect an agency’s recent work (after all, it’s all about the work), and if we’re lucky, they also provide some nugget of insight into the underlying mentality and approach of the agency as a whole.

And while I agree that the work is essential, in an age of Wikipedia, YouTube, and hyper-connected social behavior, an agency’s work and reputation can hardly be thought to be in the exclusive domain or control of an agency’s own website. (Modernista famously made this point several years ago, with great PR fanfare.) It’s exactly this— the lack of clear role and purpose for an agency site— that makes the task of building a good one such a challenge.

Ok, let’s take a quick step back.

Over the past couple of years, we at AgencyNet have slowly but surely launched a strong multi-platform digital presence—including a well-read thought leadership blog (ANidea), a footprint on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube, and a mobile-optimized web presence— all in the name of demonstrating how brands can (and should) bring content and ideas to the places where consumers naturally spend their time.  Visitors to our YouTube channel can view our portfolio, while visitors to our Facebook, Twitter, an ANidea platforms can get to know our way of thinking about the world in a far deeper and more consistent way than a portfolio site could ever allow.

And while it’s absolutely true that each touchpoint in this network serves its purpose— it was also clear that something was missing from the picture.  We needed a place to not only share our work and ideas, but also to tell the more human story of our agency and its culture.

This human element—  the people and passion that comprise our agency’s character—is hugely important to us.  And given that clients often rank team chemistry and fit as the single most important variable in their selection of an agency partner, it’s clear it also can define an agency’s success or failure over time.

And in this, we found our site’s purpose.

Earlier this week, we proudly launched our latest incarnation of AgencyNet.com, a labor of love that will serve as an important hub in AgencyNet’s increasingly diverse digital communication network. And for all of the innovation, creativity, and incredibly nuanced work that went into making the new AgencyNet.com a reality, it all really does boil back down to a very simple idea in the end.

We’re AgencyNet—and we welcome you inside.