YouTube Storefront Creates New Opportunities for Artists and Brands

youtube store
So much of digital development is about reducing the friction between intention and action.

Which is why we’re excited to see YouTube introduce new features for musicians.  Through a series of affiliate partnerships, bands can now sell merch, music and concert tickets through an online storefront that lives on their YouTube channel.

PomplamooseMusic's Channel - YouTube

New media guru Clay Shirky often observes that “behavior is motivation filtered through opportunity.”  YouTube’s new feature is brilliant because it addresses both sides of the equation.

Fans gain the opportunity to immediately turn appreciation into action by purchasing something from an artist.

Artists will be more likely to heavily self promote on the YouTube platform (good news for Google) by uploading videos of performances and other promotional videos, knowing that they can monetize their efforts.

I’m sure this is just the beginning.  Closing the gap between discovery and purchase on YouTube is relevant to a whole range of industries.  It’s a small leap to imagine the YouTube storefront working for a range of products: movies, fashion, video games, electronics.

Sometimes great digital ideas can be this simple.  Are you making your desired behavior as easy as possible for users?